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Data Recovery

Our team will diagnose your Bitcoin ransomware issue and immediately assess your payment options.

We will negotiate with the cybercriminals to determine the cost of your Bitcoin ransomware payment.

Our traders will convert your money into Bitcoin and handle the ransomware payment transaction.

In most situations, once the Bitcoin ransomware payment is made, the attacker releases encrypted files.

About Ransom Resolve

Ransom Resolve is a trusted provider of Bitcoin ransomware recovery, working with clients to purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency and regain access to important files and systems. Ransom Resolve is a subsidiary of DigitalMint: an established cryptocurrency exchange and cash-to-cryptocurrency provider. Our organization has the capacity to acquire large amounts of cryptocurrency on behalf of our clients, from small medical offices to large publicly-traded companies. Whatever your ransomware needs, Dharma, Cerber, Cryptolocker, or Ryuk, our team can resolve your issue.

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We are a Financial Crimes Enforcement Network-Registered Money Services Business, leading our industry with respect to our Bank Secrecy Act, Office of Foreign Assets Control and associated Anti-Money Laundering compliance practices.


Common Questions

What Information do I Need to Provide?

To make your Bitcoin ransomware payment, you will need to provide our team with identification, proof of ownership, ransom instructions, and details of the encrypted file.

How Will I Recover my Encrypted Files?

If the Bitcoin ransomware payment is successful, a decryption key will be provided by the attackers that will unlock your files.

Will the Bitcoin Ransomware Payment be Successful?

There is no guarantee with Bitcoin ransomware settlements; however, the experienced Ransom Resolve team will assess your situation and advise accordingly.

What Countries and States Does Ransom Resolve Operate In?

Ransom Resolve serves clients in Canada and the United States, excluding: Alaska, Hawaii, New York, and Washington.

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